Rakia Films is an independant production company for film and video contents. After miles of frames filmed and paths taken in different educational and profesional stages, this new project is born. Under this name, we pretend to keep on sharing out the art, the stories and the moments.

We are a great number of persons, from producers to collaborators, all sharing one thing in common: the passion for what we are doing and the care for doing it right. In the first raw, when the sail is hoisted, Bernabé Bulnes and Dina Harovic, a Spanish and a Serbian respectively, producers, directors and screenwriters, depending on the ocasion.

And why Rakia Films? What Rakia means? According to Wikipedia, Rakia or rakija, is a type of liquor similiar to the brany, obtained by distillation of fermented fruits, traditional in the region of the Balkans and very popularized in countries like Italy, France or Germany. For us, it is a perfect drink to toast for the cinema and life, a unique concoction to start and finish any project. We want our projects to be pure DISTILLED CINEMA.


A little sip of good cinema, at times it can be a lot. Rakian quote.


B E R N A B É   B U L N E S

A screenwriter, director, editor and producer at almost equal parts. Since 2003, he has linked different kinds of audiovisual projects with diverse educational stages, which positioned him as a filmmaker and a screenwriter above all.
He studied at La Fémis (France) and Filmakademie Baden-Wüttemberg (Germany) and his documentary and fiction projects had taken him on shootings around England, France, Germany, Portugal, Marroco, Asia and Oceania.

Lately, in addition to continuing to develop his own feature film projects, he has been distinguished as a documentary filmmaker in charge of a feature documentary Andalusian Football. More than 100 years of passion, Directo (a documentary about the flamenco singer José Valencia) and documentary series such as Deseos con historia, Re-Evolución and Another look on Andalusia, all broadcasted on Canal Sur TV (regional TV station) and Six Dreams (Prime Original), a documentary series for Amazon Videos. At the moment, he is developing his first feature film, meanwhile he directs a documentary series Passion and Death for the History Channel in Spain.

Bernabé is a director and screenwriter of several awarded short films: A man alone (2011), Triada (2013), Shadows (2013), Script Problems (2017), Trumpet Solo (2018) and Holy Farawell (2019).


D I N A   H A R O V I C

Born in Yugoslavia in 1988, her audiovisual education and training took place between Spain and Czech Republic. In Seville she studied audiovisual production, in Prague she completed a Master degree in Documentary Filmmaking at the Prague Film School and in Serbia she worked for two and a half years as a Production Coordinator of Jelen Top 10, a famous musical program broadcasted on the main TV station in Serbia.

Although her passion and expertise are in documentaries, Dina has worked in all types of audiovisual productions, as well as she has intercalated her jobs in production with those in directing. Her works in production of Zayed Future Energy Prize project and TV series such as Deseos con historia and Six Dreams are the most important to the date. She has also been the AD on all of the Rakia Films’ short films and the second AD in the feature Mi querida cofradía, directed by Marta Diaz de Lope. At the moment, she is preparing and developing a few documentary projects.

In addition, she is a born communicator and lately is specializing in network communication and digital marketing, while teaching English communication classes. She speaks fluently English, Spanish, Serbian and French.