–Is there is a Mr. Lonpin, Mrs. Rakia?
–He went on vacation!

Well, that’s the truth. After more than eight years LonPin Films decided to go on a vacation.

Lonpin was born in 2008 and since then has been involved in production of different short films and documentaries that stood out by a constant creative demand. It was born from the love for the good cinema, the cinema inspired by authours such as Bergman and the films such as Persona. It’s name came from there, from the bowels of the masterpiece of the Swedish director. Although the love for the good cinema and the creative demand remain intact, it is time to close the door of LonPin Films and open a new door to let the new streams enter with some new projects. It makes sense. We have learned a lot in these more than eight years. And we have changed. Our vision of productions and even of life has changed. The circumstances have changed and with them ourselves.

Therefore, we welcome with great enthusiasm our new label, the new suit that will dress us all who want to continue producing and distributing art … Or whatever. Welcome to Rakia Films. We will tell you the history of the name, but know that it lives up to our desire to communicate with the world, to look ahead without losing sight of what was left behind and to have fun and toast for our profession.